WP6: Test Subarray integration and compatibility verification

Work Package 6 will utilize the hardware produced by Work Package 4 and the software produced by Work Package 5 to ensure that the various subsystems are fully compatible and interoperable. Particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring that the subsystems work together as a radar system (at the sub-array level), that they do not interfere with one another (through radio frequency interference, RFI), and that the sub-array can be electronically focused properly.

A site for testing the Test Subarray will be prepared at EISCAT's Ramfjordmoen facility near Tromsø, Norway. That location has available power, a license to transmit in the EISCAT_3D frequency band, EISCAT staff to support in the preparation and testing, and access to other scientific instrumentation to be used in testing.

Activities in this work package include:

  • Site preparation
  • Test Subarray assembly
  • Operational testing
  • Calibration evaluation
  • Radar testing
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