WP4: Procurement of production-ready designs and hardware

Work Package 4 will procure, from industry, designs that are as close to final as possible. The procurement activities will be coordinated with Work Package 2 that develops iteration of the subsystem designs with considerations toward manufacturability, serviceability, reliability, energy efficiency, and cost. A primary goal is to move from the single-unit prototyping and design that was completed under the Preparatory Phase project toward a design that can be efficiently produced in a mass-production environment. This will include having industry perform all appropriate design-rule checks, ensure that electronics assemblies can be manufactured using modern, automated technologies, and ensuring that the resulting designs can be serviced and maintained in a cost effective manner over a multiple-decade time horizon. This work package includes the work procured from industry and the project office activities that are directly related to monitoring the industry contracts.

The other major coordination efforts for this work package are covered by Work Package 1 and Work Package 2.

The subsystem designs to be procured are as follows:

  • Antenna element
  • Sub-array structure
  • Instrument container (including environmental controls)
  • Front-end electronics
  • Sub-array beam former electronics
  • Pulse and steering control
  • Ancillary components and subsystems
    • Health and status monitoring and control
    • Timing distribution
    • Cables/interconnects

These subsystems will be procured, initially, as first articles for inspection and individual performance testing. Once the designs have been vetted, a sufficient number of units will be procured to populate the 91-element Test Subarray. This Test Subarray will be assembled and tested in Work Package 6.

Activities in this work package include

  • Site preparation design
  • Antenna element design
  • Support structure design
  • Instrument container design
  • Front end design
  • Beam former design
  • Pulse and steering control design
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