WP9: Transmitter development

In this Work Package, important parts of the EISCAT_3D radar transmitter subsystem will be designed and evaluated. These particular areas of the transmitter design were planned to be addressed already during the FP6 Design Study but was unfortunately left unfinished due to lack of manpower and time.

This Work Package will contain the following activities:

  • Design, prototyping and testing of the system for the generation and modulation of the low-level RF drive signals.
  • Prototyping and testing of the beam-forming of the transmitted beam.
  • Testing of the design of the transmit-receive (T/R) switching and receiver protection, particularly when operating with the power amplifier system that was developed in the FP6 Design Study.
  • Design and test specification of power amplifier stage for the transmitter, with particular considerations also to power efficiency.

The main work in this Work Package will be performed by the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, while interacting with EISCAT Scientific Association and Luleå Technical University.