WP8: Antenna, front end and time synchronisation

The antennas, array layout, receiver front end, and calibration system all play important roles in setting the achievable system performance. The objective of this Work Package is to produce designs of these hardware elements which will be suitable for industrial consideration, and to identify the people who are capable of constructing them.

The results of the earlier work in this area will be revisited, and the results of the FP6 Design Study will either be re-confirmed or updated by taking into account new findings in available hardware, frequency allocation, and user requirements. The outcome of the work package will be devices, subsystems, and systems which fulfil the target performance specifications and are mass-producible.

The activities that will be performed in this Work Package are:

  • Specification of the physical and electrical design of the individual antenna elements.
  • Identification of possible configurations of the antenna array with respect to the hardware and electromagnetic properties. (The optimisation of the array design for Aperture Synthesis Imaging Radar purposes is determined in WP10).
  • Design of the electrical and mechanical front end.
  • Investigation of the timing and antenna calibrations.