WP5: Consortium building

Before EISCAT_3D can proceed to the implementation stage, three essential activities have to be completed. Firstly, the consortium of funding bodies which will support the new infrastructure must be identified and their contribution levels must be clarified. Secondly, a firm overview of the costs of constructing and operating the new infrastructure must be obtained and confronted to the commitments available. Thirdly, the organisational structure of EISCAT must be re-examined, in order to verify whether the new consortium can be accommodated within the framework of the present EISCAT agreement, or whether changes to the organisational structure are required. This Work Package ensures that these activities are carried out in a coordinated manner, under the overall direction of EISCAT.

The key objectives for this Work Package are as follows:

  • To initiate and undertake discussions with all of the funding partners who are potential participants in the EISCAT_3D organisation, beginning with the existing EISCAT members and affiliates, and steadily widening the discussion to include a full range of European and global partners.
  • Through these discussions, to identify opportunities to exploit different funding routes, to develop strategies to maximise these opportunities (in conjunction with WP4) and to prepare and submit suitable applications.
  • To liaise with the national space and atmospheric physics communities in the potential EISCAT_3D member countries, to encourage them to undertake independent nationallyfunded actions in support of the wider EISCAT_3D project.
  • By working closely with the participants in WP2, WP6 and WP14, to clarify the detailed costs involved in implementing EISCAT_3D, and to develop a model for how such costs could be phased if it was necessary to implement the new infrastructure in an incremental manner.
  • To reach agreement with as many new partners as possible by the time that the Preparatory Phase ends.
  • To produce a report on the status of the consortium at the end of the Preparatory Phase, to recommend a suitable structure for the new organisation and to make recommendations for how the phased implementation of the new infrastructure can be carried out, according to the funding known to be available.

The outputs of this work package will be a detailed costing of the new infrastructure, signed agreements with all those funding bodies prepared to make a financial commitment by the end of the Preparatory Phase, and the draft of a revised EISCAT agreement. A report will also be produced to clarify how the investment should be phased and how the organisational structure would work in practice, such that these recommendations can be used as the starting point when the project enters the Implementation Phase.

Note that access to Deliverables 5.1 (Initial list of potential EISCAT_3D partner organisations), 5.2 (First annual report on consortium building activities), 5.3 (Second annual report on consortium building activities) and 5.4 (Third annual report on consortium building activities) is only available to participants of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project.