WP4: Outreach activities

In order for EISCAT_3D to be successful, it is imperative that the project should establish and maintain a strong outreach activity, addressing the provision of publicity information to the general public, opinion-formers, and particularly aiming at the students and young people who will form the next generation of EISCAT users.

The requirements of the various stakeholder groups with whom we need to liaise will demand a variety of different approaches – the type of material we would produce for a local community, for example, is very different from the kind that would be required by a potential future industrial partner. This Work Package incorporates the development and updating of a range of publicity materials, including a comprehensive project web site, facing both inward – to provide an effective medium for the dissemination of information within the consortium, and outward – to make publicity material available to governments, prospective new users and new project partners. Other publicity media will include written material (fliers and reports), audio-visual productions (short films), project-related lectures and practical educational activities.

This Work Package enables us to maintain the project web site to a high standard whilst also preparing a range of other publicity material appropriate to the different kinds of audiences we need to address. These outputs will enable the project participants to give presentations in a range of different contexts. In order to fulfil these requirements, this Work Package will interface closely with all of the other work package leaders to ensure that their publicity and outreach needs are fulfilled.

The objectives of the Work Package are as follows:

  • Establish and maintain a project website for both internal and external use.
  • Produce an outreach plan for the project.
  • Produce and maintain a list of contacts who can advise about potential funding opportunities in the countries interested in EISCAT_3D, and consult them regularly.
  • Develop a range of EISCAT_3D publicity materials targeted at (a) national/regional governments and research councils, (b) local communities and the general public, (c) students and schools.
  • Produce and maintain a set of documents which can be used as components of further funding proposals, allowing proposals to be constructed quickly when opportunities arise.
  • Produce regularly updated presentations on the status of the project and the projected future activities, and participate in giving such presentations as well as helping the other project participants to present such material.

EISCAT Scientific Association will be responsible for this Work Package, interacting with all the other members of the consortium.

Note that access to Deliverable 4.3: Initial list of contact persons in funding and policy organisations is only available to participants of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project.