WP3: Science planning and user engagement

In order to secure the greatest possible number of users for EISCAT_3D, strenuous efforts are required to extend the user base beyond the existing EISCAT user community. The extended user community must reflect the increased capabilities of EISCAT_3D and fulfil the requirement to maximise the impact of the new infrastructure. This Work Package covers all those activities needed to engage with the new users whose activities will come within the scope of the enhanced facility.

More than simply contacting new users, a key activity will be gathering their requirements for the science topics that they will address, and the different types of new experiment which they would like to run. These, in turn, need to feed into the design and implementation of the new infrastructure. This Work Package covers the gathering of these requirements, the continuous updating of the Science Case and its tensioning against the capabilities of the new radar, as they become progressively more well-defined. The activity will be coordinated by a working group with a rolling membership so that, during the course of its existence, the full range of potential users can be represented. In addition, two workshops will be held, targeted at specific groups. These different methods of user engagement will allow us to exploit the skills and expertise of the Associate Partners in EISCAT_3D.

The detailed objectives are as follows:

  • Identification of contact persons/groups in neighbouring communities and discussions about new applications of EISCAT_3D. Formation of a science working group comprising existing EISCAT users and scientists wishing to use EISCAT_3D for these new applications.
  • First revision of the EISCAT_3D science case and assessment of implications for the Performance Specification Document. If necessary, changes to the Performance Specification Documentation to ensure that the new applications can be factored into the EISCAT_3D design.
  • Regular rotation of the working group, so that it continuously brings in new people and ideas, providing regular feedback into the evolving science case and system specification.
  • Organisation of targeted workshops designed to bring together existing EISCAT users with new users in the atmospheric science and space weather communities.
  • Final versions of the EISCAT_3D science case and performance specification which fully reflect the combined demands of the expanded user community.

Note that access to Deliverable 3.1 (List of contacts in prospective new EISCAT_3D user communities) is only available to participants of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project.