WP2: Legal and logistical issues

This work package contains all the support activities needed to clarify the site selection and infrastructure issues needed for the construction and operation of EISCAT_3D. The outputs of this work package will be a complete costing of the work required to develop the selected sites, such that construction can begin immediately at the start of the implementation phase. This task will be coordinated by EISCAT, and any new site surveys that are needed will be carried out by EISCAT staff.

The required activities are as follows:

  • Finalising the site selection, and identifying all the relevant stakeholders and administrative issues which have to be addressed in order to allow construction to start at the selected sites.
  • Identifying the necessary steps to provide access to relevant infrastructure (power, utilities, networking, transport) at the selected sites.
  • Quantifying the full costs of each site development.

The EU-funded activities outlined above will be supplemented by nationally-funded work in support of the EISCAT_3D project. WP2 will coordinate all the efforts in site selection, working these nationally-funded activities, resolving any issues which they cannot address and integrating their results with the other Preparatory Phase activities. The involvement of the University of Tromsø in this work package reflects the need to ensure that the EU-funded and nationally-funded activities are closely coordinated. In addition, this package needs to maintain close coordination with WP3 (science planning and user engagement), WP5 (consortium building), WP8 (antenna, front end and time synchronisation), WP9 (transmitter), WP10 (Aperture Synthesis Imaging Radar) and WP13 (Data handling and distribution) all of which have the potential to affect the choice of sites and the configuration of the deployed hardware.

Note that access to Deliverable 2.2 (Report listing the preferred sites) and Deliverable 2.3 (Interim report covering land rights) is only available to participants of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project.