WP14: Technical integration and production issues

This Work Package will focus on technical integration between the various sub-systems and the overall manufacturing and reliability attention. The Work Package starts halfway through the project when the RTD oriented Work Packages are well underway. Several sub-parts are deemed to be fairly standardised and are intended to be used integrated in the final system together with the unique parts that will be developed primarily in Work Packages 7, 8 and 9. The technical integration will identify and incorporate all parts of the whole system into a producible system. This activity is also vital for the costing of the whole system, and the findings will be used by several Work Packages, but particularly in WP5, Consortium Building.

This Work Package addresses also the way in which the different parts of EISCAT_3D can be specified for mass production at affordable prices. This task will involve engagement with experts in technical designs, production engineering, manufacturing and procurement of small to large scale systems. The findings will be used for the final tasks in the work package, the material for preparing the formal requests for quotation.
The activities that will be performed in this Work Package are:

  • Identification and specification of the components of the EISCAT_3D radar system that could be mass-produced.
  • Identification of companies capable of producing EISCAT_3D system elements in the volumes we require.
  • Definition of procedures for system testing and quality assurance.
  • Discussions with possible suppliers of mass-producible elements, and iteration of the design of those components.
  • Building prototypes for testing and verification purposes.
  • Preparation of the formal Requests For Quotations (RFQs) that will be sent out to potential manufacturers at the beginning of the EISCAT_3D Construction Phase.

It is anticipated that a number of industrial sub-contracts will be required in this Work Package, in order to develop and test prototypes of the mass-producible system components. In addition to the budgeted staff effort, the project plan thus includes 129 k€ to be used for sub-contracting the manufacturing and optimisation of a limited number of complete vendor-built subset units.

Note that access to Deliverable 14.1 (Summary of the findings from the prototyping and verification process) is only available to participants of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project.