WP12: System control

This Work Package determines the changes that are needed to be implemented in the existing EISCAT system control software (EROS) in order to control a system on the scale envisaged for EISCAT_3D with sufficient flexibility and programmability.

The FP6 Design Study concluded that the current EISCAT control software was capable of coping with all the basic control tasks in a moderately distributed environment. EISCAT_3D will, however, be based on large phased arrays with distributed hardware, with significantly larger flexibility. This will require hardware device driver software with vastly increased complexity, however this is outside the scope of WP12. To fully utilise the increased flexibility of a digitally controlled phased array, increased communication between the (hardware) device (driver), EROS and potential programs controlling EROS/the programs needs to be accommodated as well as external (geophysical) triggering events to automatically modify the radar operations.

In addition, EISCAT_3D makes possible a number of innovative additions to radar operations, such as the possibility to run multiple simultaneous modes, running and re-configuring the data system, for example responding to conditions, running and re-configuring the data system, and responding to the detection of small-scale structure by the interferometric imaging capability.

This relatively small Work Package will involve the following activities:

  • Determining whether EROS can be generalised to run in such a computing architecture, and resolving any potential problems that may be found.
  • Assessing what kinds of modifications to the core control software are needed to address the new opportunities that the EISCAT_3D hardware enables.
  • Ensuring the ability of the subsystems to send asynchronous messages to EROS when necessary.
  • Creating an initial implementation of external programmatic EROS control.

The Work Package begins, after the initial version of the Performance Specification Document is issued, and continues until an upgraded version of the operating system will be made available. Interactions with WP6 and WP11 are required to ensure compatibility with the Performance Specification and the low-level software design.