WP11: Software theory and implementation

The purpose of this Work Package is to develop the software modules that are required for the data processing and analysis tasks of the EISCAT_3D radar system. The development of new data algorithms and software is needed because of the complexity of a distributed phased-array incoherent radar system compared to earlier systems.

This Work Package involves the following activities:

  • Parallelisation of the basic inverse problem-solving tools for signal processing and data analysis for use in the EISCAT_3D radar system.
  • Production of software for the signal processing and beam-forming systems, which is done with tight connections to WP7 (Digital Signal Processing).
  • Development of multi-purpose codes to allow the EISCAT_3D system to be used in an optimised fashion.
  • Development of data analysis software to to be applicable to multi-beam measurements and imaging applications, and to allow for some new experimental methods that the new system will allow.
  • Integration of EISCAT_3D hardware and software.
  • The software development will interact with the system control work (WP12), and also needs a strong link with the science requirements (WP3) and the data handling and distribution activities (WP13), since the software performance will set constraints on the time and spatial resolutions and measurement accuracies which can be achieved, as well as critically determining the size and content of the EISCAT_3D low-level data.

    For several of the Tasks in this Work Package access to a parallel computer is required. This device needs to be located physically near the Digital Signal Processing system developed in WP7 since the data rate speeds are too high to use a remotely located parallel system. For this reason, the project plan includes funding to buy or lease a parallel computing device for the duration of the work.