WP1: Project management and reporting

The management Work Package runs throughout the Preparatory Phase, ensuring a smooth and efficient approach towards the objectives of the EISCAT_3D project, with respect to both financial management and general project administration. It will interact with all the other Work Packages in the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase to provide overall coordination within the project.

The work package comprises the following tasks:

  • Maintaining a management team whose members will carry out the administration of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase.
  • Maintaining the project activity plan, with changes being made as necessary to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of the project goals
  • Organising all the necessary project meetings, including kick-off, finalisation and regular progress meetings.
  • Maintaining a close communication with all of the partners and with the responsible scientific officer at the Commission.
  • Ensuring the correct administration of the project finances, including the preparation of budgets and regular financial monitoring and reporting.
  • Overseeing the timely preparation and submission of all project reports required by the Commission.