The EISCAT_3D Design Study

The Design Study has now ended.

The design study ran as a Specific Support Action under the Framework Programme 6 initiative (EU contract no: 011920, project acronym: EISCAT_3D).

The project started 2005-05-01 and ended 2009-04-30.

The total project cost amounted to 2605 k€ (budget 2882 k€) whereof EU paid 1963 k€ (budget 2017 k€) .

The project used 364 staff-months (budget 368 staff-months) from the participants. This corresponds to about 8 person-years per year during the four year project.

The conclusions from the EISCAT_3D Design Study can be found in the Final Design Study Report.

Background, and a large amount of documentation from the different parts of the EISCAT_3D Design Study, can be found using the links below.

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