EISCAT_3D is a project led by EISCAT Scientific Association.
EISCAT_3D is a three-dimensional imaging radar to be located in the northernmost parts of Europe. It will be making continuous measurements of the geospace environment and its coupling to the Earth's atmosphere from its location in the auroral zone at the southern edge of the northern polar vortex.

Call for papers: JASTP special issue

Call for papers: JASTP special issue High-Latitude Geospace Environment studied by Incoherent Scatter Radars

Quest Editors Dr. Esa Turunen, EISCAT Sweden, Prof. Ruiyuan Liu, PRIC China, Prof. Jian Wu, CRIRP China.

Deadline of manuscript submission 31.12.2011 15.02.2012

EU-funded projects ESPAS and ENVRI started

EISCAT participates in two new consortia funded by the European Union through Framework Programme 7. The projects ESPAS, serving space weather and Sun-climate studies, and ENVRI, a e-infrastructure related project for the environmental ESFRI projects, recently had their kick-off meetings at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia in Rome, Italy, on 10-11 November and 23-25 November 2011, respectively.

EISCAT Scientific Association joins the IMPRES proposal

The name of the IMPRES project stands for European Integrated Research Infrastructures for Monitoring and Predicting Space Weather. The IMPRES project aims at integrating the key research infrastructures in Europe for the observation and study of the ionosphere and magnetosphere.

For more information see the The IMPRES project web page at:

The central vision of the IMPRES proposal is:

EISCAT Scientific Association joins COOPEUS proposal

EISCAT Scientific Association has joined the COOPEUS proposal to EU for collaboration with US environmental research institutions regarding cooperation with USA on common data policies and standards relevant to global research infrastructures in the environment field. The COOPEUS proposal that was submitted in reply to the EU FP7 call INFRA-2012-3.1, and the coordinator is Dr. Christoph Waldmann from the Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) at University of Bremen in Germany.

Major support from Swedish Research Council to EISCAT_3D development

Swedish Research Council has today, on 16 Nov 2011, published financing decisions on its research infrastructure call in 2011. Major support is directed towards EISCAT_3D development in the form of a planning grant given to EISCAT Scientific Association. This amounts to 7 MSEK in total, consisting of 2 × 3.5 MSEK available from 2012.

PhD candidate position in Tromsø for EISCAT related work

PhD Candidate in Physics (Space Physics/EISCAT)

PhD Candidate in Physics (Space Physics/EISCAT) at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Physics and Technology, at the University of Tromsø

Application deadline: 17 November 2011

The University of Tromsø has a PhD position in Physics (Space Physics) vacant for applicants who would like to complete a PhD degree.


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