EISCAT_3D All-Hands Meeting, 12-13 November 2012

Around 30 people working with EISCAT_3D participated in the second All-Hands Meeting of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project. It took place 12-13 November 2012 at Space Campus in Kiruna.

The all-hands meetings are gatherings where all people involved in the project are able to present the status of their work. At the same time the participants also gets an overview of the status and the results of the project as a whole as the project has now reached its half-way point.

The agenda of the meeting follows:

The 4th EISCAT_3D User Meeting: Uppsala, 23-25 May 2012

The 4th user meeting for the EISCAT_3D project took place in Uppsala, Sweden, on May 23-25, 2012. Its focus was on planning for the Science of the EISCAT_3D project, particularly emphasising Space Weather.

For more detailed information, please check the meeting web-site at:

The programme contained the following presentations, most of them available for download by clicking the title: