EISCAT_3D receives conditional funding from Finland

The Research Infrastructure Committee of Academy of Finland has granted conditional funding of 12.8 M€ for the construction of EISCAT_3D. University of Oulu has received 1.8 M€, and is participating with 0.8 M€, in a project for building the fundamental infrastructure for an EISCAT_3D site in Finland.

The condition for the funding is that the EISCAT_3D project is implemented in accordance with the international plan. At the present the total financing for the first stage of EISCAT_3D is at about 75% of the required 74.4 M€.

EISCAT_3D receives funding from Norway

The Research Council of Norway has decided to grant 288 MNOK for the construction and operation of a new radar system in northern Scandinavia, including a new antenna site in Skibotn, Norway. This antenna will be a part of the ESFRI-project EISCAT_3D, a large European research infrastructure for studies of the upper atmosphere above the northern hemisphere. The Norwegian activities in the EISCAT_3D project are coordinated by UiT, the Arctic University of Norway.

Application for EISCAT_3D funding in Norway submitted

The Norwegian EISCAT community has submitted an applications for funding from the Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet). The application is for funding towards construction of EISCAT_3D.

Submitting the EISCAT_3D application
The picture above shows a screen capture the moment after Cesar La Hoz at UiT (the project manager and coordinator of the application preparations) made the submission.