The 9th EISCAT_3D User Meeting: Uppsala, 8-9 May 2018

The EISCAT_3D (E3D) project has now been officially started with an opening event on 7 September, 2017. The <strong>9th EISCAT_3D User Meeting</strong> is planned to take place in Uppsala, Sweden, on May 8-9, 2018. As usual, the meeting provides a forum for interested scientists who may or may not be directly involved in the design and construction of the E3D project, and also for persons working more with its administrative, logistic, and technical aspects.

More information is available at the meeting website:

Periodic Report 2 (1 September 2016 - 31 August 2017)

This Periodic Report is the second and final periodic report of the EISCAT3D_PfP project. It covers the months 13 to 24 of the 2-year project. The report addresses the progress of the project during its second year of activities.

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Deliverable 2.3: Tendering documents, including standards and necessary supporting documentation

This report includes documents used for the procurement of three of the critical components under the EISCAT3D_PfP project. They have been updated following the experiences gained from the implementation of the Test Subarray. The additional requirements needed to procure these components for the full EISCAT_3D implementation have not been considered.The documents included are:

  • The Enquiry letter. This is the introduction to a tender opportunity. The Enquiry also indicates the expected contractual requirements for the awarded contractor.
  • The Technical Specification for each of the sub-systems identified as critical EISCAT_3D components, updated based on the findings from the project:
    • First Stage Receiver Unit (FSRU)
    • Antenna Unit (AU)
    • Pulse and Steering Control Unit (PSCU)
  • The System and Subsystem Design Description, also updated based on the findings from the project

Each enquiry also includes a Statement of Work, a Contract Data Requirements List and a Requirements Answer template. These three documents have, for this report, been simplified to just show their general structure.

Deliverable 6.1: Test Subarray testing report

The purpose of this document is to report the test and buildup of the PfP Test Subarray, which contains the logical components Instrument Container, Antenna Unit, First stage Receiver Unit, Pulse and steering Control unit, Power Supplies, Sub System Manager and Time and frequency Unit.This is Deliverable 6.1 of the EISCAT3D_PfP project.

EISCAT_3D Opening Event

Group photo, EISCAT_3D opening event

The opening event for the construction of the first stage of the EISCAT_3D system took place in Tromsø and Storfjord on 7 September 2017. In connection to this event, a workshop with presentations of different aspects of the future facilities was held the day before and the day after the main event.

The meeting contained the following presentations (most of them available for download by clicking on their titles):

Wednesday 6 September (program session 1)
Space weather and space debris strategy for E3D (Craig Heinselman)
Observing space debris with EISCAT_3D (Juha Vierinen)
Data formats and links to other research infrastructures (Anders Tjulin)
US-European data exchange (Anthony Van Eyken)
Space situational awareness programme (SSA) - Geomagnetic conditions expert service centre (G-ESC) (Daniel Martini)
Report from Svalbard (Dag Lorentzen)
ESA, ESA-SSA and the Norwegian space program (Anja Strømme)
European space weather initiatives (Ian McCrea)
e-Infrastructure plan for EISCAT_3D (Craig Heinselman)
EISCAT_3D support (E3DS) project (John White)
Thursday 7 September, the opening event (all presentations)
WelcomeProfessor Anne Husebekk (Rector, UiT Arctic University of Norway)
IntroductionProfessor Ingrid Mann (UiT Arctic University of Norway)
Addresses from participating countriesProfessor Hiroshi Miyaoka (EISCAT Council Chairperson, NIPR, Japan)Professor Jian Wu (CRIRP, China)Doctor Mervyn Freeman (BAS, United Kingdom)Professor Anita Aikio (University of Oulu, Finland)Doctor Johan Kero (IRF, Sweden)
EISCAT_3D implementationDoctor Craig Heinselman (EISCAT Director, EISCAT, Sweden)
Friday 8 September (program session 2)
Norwegian space strategy and national space weather initiatives (Anja Strømme)
National EISCAT science case and user community in Sweden (Johan Kero)
National EISCAT science case and user community in Finland (Esa Turunen)
EISCAT_3D UK science goals (Mervyn Freeman)
National EISCAT science case and user community in Japan (Satonori Nozawa)
EISCAT Norway consortium update (Ingrid Mann)
Multiscale physics, ionosphere space weather challenges for navigation and communication (Jøran Moen)
EGI E-Infratructure (Yin Chen)
KAIRA and other SGO activities in support of EISCAT_3D (Thomas Ulich)
Meteor studies - with an outlook for EISCAT_3D (Johan Kero)
Auroral observations – the need for a coordinated network (Björn Gustavsson)

Deliverable 2.2: Test plan for the Test Subarray

Deliverable 2.2 in the EISCAT3D_PfP project contains the test plan for each of the subsystems and for the overall sub-array, which is planned to be constructed at Ramfjordmoen site in Norway. Further, this report will serve as guideline for the testing of test sub-array and also, to assess the interoperability of the various subsystems.

Deliverable 4.2: Second report on industry contracts

This is the second report that discusses the progress of industry contracts for the procurement of production-ready designs and hardware of various sub-systems of the test sub-array. This test subarray will be built and tested at the existing EISCAT site in Ramfjordmoen, Norway by the end of EISCAT3D_PfP project in August 2017. This report discusses the progress of the procurement of the following sub-systems:

  • First stage receiver unit (FSRU)
  • Antenna unit (AU)
  • Pulse and steering control unit (PSCU)
  • Time and frequency unit
  • Status and control unit
  • Cables, connectors and containers

Further, this report also includes information about the Transmit unit (solid state power amplifier and power supply units) which are delivered as an in-kind contribution from National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), Japan.

PDF icon Second report on industry contracts1.55 MB