The FP7 application document

EISCAT, in lead of a consortium consisting of nine partners, has successfully submitted, and negotiated, the bid for the Preparatory Phase under the European Commission FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2010-1 “Construction of new infrastructures: providing catalytic and leveraging support for the construction of new research infrastructures” and more specifically, INFRA‐2010‐2.2.1: EISCAT_3D Upgrade.

The INFRA-2010-2.2 call is only for supporting new research infrastructures and eleven projects were invited to bid. The total indicative EC budget for this specific call is 45 M€.

The preparatory phase, provided the proposal is granted the funds, will start 1 October 2010 and run for four years.

The project will address all foreseen matters in finalising the technical details, securing build funds and establish the consortium that will operate EISCAT_3D.

The complete system will consist of a combination of active (both transmit and receive) and passive (receive only) sites spread around in the northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden.

An important part of this project will be the interaction between the developers and the current and envisaged user groups that will use EISCAT_3D either directly or indirectly by using the standard data it will produce.

In this context, EISCAT has established an Associate Partner mechanism where interested organisations can associate with the project and become involved already in the early stages of the preparatory work.

The plan in the final application document (attached below) was kept intact through the negotiations.