Session at URSI General Assembly 2011

EISCAT acts as convener for a session at the XXX URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey, on 13-20 August, 2011.

G06 – Recent Developments in Incoherent Scatter Radar

The last several years has seen exciting advances for incoherent scatter based probing of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere, including deployments of the Poker Flat and Resolute Bay Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radars, progress on EISCAT_3D conception and prototyping, significant developments in experimental and data analysis techniques, and unprecedented long-duration operations. Papers on a broad range of topics relating to ISR systems, may include progress relating to the deployment and design of new systems and the development of new experimental techniques including pulse coding, inversion, imaging, interferometry, and analysis. Papers addressing scientific applications of new ISR-based techniques are also welcome. These may include studies of the middle and lower atmosphere, micro- and macro-physics of the associated processes at all latitudes, and general aeronomy of the ionosphere.