The 4th EISCAT_3D User Meeting: Uppsala, 23-25 May 2012

The 4th user meeting for the EISCAT_3D project took place in Uppsala, Sweden, on May 23-25, 2012. Its focus was on planning for the Science of the EISCAT_3D project, particularly emphasising Space Weather.

For more detailed information, please check the meeting web-site at:

The programme contained the following presentations, most of them available for download by clicking the title:

Space Weather, Modelling, and EISCAT_3D
EISCAT_3D Science Case, Space Weather and Modeling - part one (Anita Aikio)
EISCAT_3D Science Case, Space Weather and Modeling - part two (Ian McCrea)
Data exploitation and numerical simulation for space weather at CDPP: current status and future developments (Frédéric Pitout)
Ionospheric modelling at high latitudes; why we need EISCAT 3D? (Iwona Stanisławska)
Space weather challenges of the polar cap ionosphere (Jøran Moen and Kjellmar Oksavik)
EISCAT and Space Situational Awareness (Hannu Koskinen)
Solar Physics and Space Weather with LOFAR (Christian Vocks)
The role of EISCAT_3D in coordinated observations of relativistic electron precipitation into the atmosphere (Esa Turunen)
Study of ionospheric irregularities from GPS observations in relation to complementary information from EISCAT (Lucilla Alfonsi)
Auroral electron fluxes and characteristic energy of precipitating electrons inferred by ALIS and EISCAT (Hervé Lamy)
Tracking satellites... a SSA test campaign in late 2010 (Jussi Markkanen)
The behavior of ionospheric structures at high latitude during last solar minimum (Hanna Rothkaehl)
Open discussion of space weather/modelling session, identification of missing topics
General EISCAT_3D Science and Project Status
Electric field around active auroral forms: EISCAT-ALIS observations (Tima Sergienko)
EASI - EISCAT Aperture Synthesis Imaging on Svalbard (Nicola Manuel Schlatter)
Artificial Periodic Irregularities (API) (Antti Kero)
The SWARM satellites as a tool to study space weather effects in the upper ionosphere and thermosphere (Stephan Buchert)
Modern online analysis results from the EISCAT HF radars (Dynasondes) (Mike Rietveld)
Interplanetary Scintillation Observations with LOFAR: Recent Results (Richard Fallows)
KAIRA - Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array (Juha Vierinen)
Measurements with twisted beams carrying orbital angular momentum: Preliminary results from PFISR (Thomas Leyser)
Perfect Codes - Theory and Practice (Lassi Roininen)
State of EISCAT_3D_Norway (Cesar La Hoz)
EISCAT_3D_Sweden (Jörg Gumbel)
ACF's, metadata and other things (Paul Gallop)
Progress in WP10 - Imaging software (Vasyl Belyey)
EISCAT_3D Site Concept (Esa Turunen)
EISCAT 3-D Performance Specification (Björn Gustavsson)
Open discussion of EISCAT_3D plans including site selection and performance specification
Summary of EISCAT_3D Status and Discussion
EISCAT 3D Project Status (Ingrid Mann)
EISCAT_3D future plans, timeline and supporting actions (Ian McCrea)
Summary discussion