Session at European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011

EISCAT acts as convener to one session at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011 in Vienna, Austria, 3–8 April 2011.

Advance in ionospheric research by incoherent scatter radars, related radio methods and novel large observational systems

A new dimension of access to ionospheric parameter estimation is emerging with the appearance of the new phased-array incoherent scatter radars, application of interferometric techniques in radio regime, sophisticated ionospheric modification experiments and build-up of large observational systems which provide real-time and unified data access utilizing an extensive set of various sensors.

This session welcomes papers on both local and large-scale processes in the ionosphere, magnetosphere-ionosphere-neutral atmosphere coupling, as well latitudinal couplings, advance in experimental and data analysis techniques, coordinated studies with multiple incoherent scatter radars, possibly also supporting space missions, progress on planning and prototyping new facilities such as EISCAT_3D, and observational systems, such as EURIPOS. Contributions concerning techniques and systems in more application oriented, service-type investigations, in support of radio systems and studies of space weather effects, are also welcome.

Oral presentations

  • "ESPAS: The near-Earth space data infrastructure for e-Science" (Anna Belehaki, Mike Hapgood, and Esa Turunen)
  • "High-resolution multi-frequency ionospheric tomography in Scandinavia" (Dimitry Pokhotelov, Olaf Amm, Johannes Norberg, Kirsti Kauristie, Markku Lehtinen, and Juha Vierinen)
  • "The high-latitude D-region ionosphere as seen by the EISCAT Svalbard continuous 1-year IPY radar experiment" (Antti Kero, Carl-Fredrik Enell, Esa Turunen, Ingemar Häggström, and Pekka Verronen)
  • "Probing Space with Radio and Radar Methods Based on Newly Recognised Symmetries of the Electromagnetic Field" (Bo Thidé and Fabrizio Tamburini)
  • "Status and future plans of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase Study" (Ian McCrea, Esa Turunen, and The EISCAT_3D Project Team)
  • "KAIRA - Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array" (Derek McKay and The KAIRA Project Team)

Poster presentations

  • "Investigations of the upper polar atmosphere by incoherent scatter plasma line observations" (Yasunobu Ogawa, Genta Ueno, and Ingemar Häggström)
  • "An alternative estimation of the RF-enhanced plasma temperature during SPEAR artificial heating experiments" (Hannah Vickers and Lisa Baddeley)
  • "Lateral Thinking - Sharing Technology Across Disciplines" (Derek McKay-Bukowski and The KAIRA Project Team)
  • "On the advantage of EISCAT(3D) measurements in technological applications" (Biagio Forte, Esa Turunen, and Ingemar Häggström)
  • "Solar flare effects on the Earth's ionosphere as measured by the Arecibo incoherent scatter radar" (Christos Haldoupis)
  • "Coordinated Incoherent Scatter Radar operations to advance STP System Science" (Tony van Eyken, Craig Heinselman, Esa Turunen, and Ingemar Häggström)