Milestone 8.1: Initial design of the individual antenna elements completed

One of the tasks in Work Package 8 of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project is to specify the physical and electrical design of the individual antenna elements for the system.

The aspects discussed in the first report on these activities are:

  • Measurement system capable of measuring the position and time delay of the individual antenna elements.
  • The initial design and evaluation of the individual antenna elements.

Based on the findings in this report the following recommendations are made:

  • No local measurement system should be built. This option should instead be kept in mind for a future upgrade of the system.
  • A folded dipole with a reflector element is the recommended antenna element for the array.

It should be noted that this conclusion is based on having a required bandwidth of 30 MHz; other options must be re-evaluated if this changes. In addition the design presented is an initial design which may change significantly following recommendations from antenna manufacturers.

Further work suggests that the antenna array should be laid out in a triangular grid.

These initial conclusions regarding the design of the antenna elements constitutes Milestone 8.1.

This Milestone was reached in December 2011.

The initial design of the antenna element was then completed in September 2012. The design is published in a technical report, “Design of antenna elements for EISCAT_3D's phased arrays”, LTU, ISBN 978-91-7439-478-8. This report is available for download from Luleå University of Technology.