Milestone 7.3: Hardware ready for field-testing

Work Package 7 is looking at signal processing issues for the EISCAT_3D project. Field testing is performed using the acquired hardware (Milestone 7.1) and the firmware developed for the purpose (Milestone 7.2). Milestone 7.3 is reached when the hardware is ready for this field testing.

The field tests are planned in two different ways:

  1. Using the KAIRA HBA antenna fields, useful as such to demonstrate reception of beam formed radar signals with the Tromsø VHF transmitter.
  2. With the EISCAT_3D test array in Kiruna from the FP6 Design Study.

The first type of tests were only possible when the KAIRA system in Kilpisjärvi was ready. This constitutes Milestone 7.3, and it was reached in April 2012.