Milestone 2.2: New site surveys completed and selected sites identified

During the FP6 Design Study, surveys were conducted at several candidate sites to establish the availability of sufficient level, dry ground, away from contaminating signals, with suitable access to local services. In the Preparatory Phase more sites have to be surveyed depending on the conclusions from site configuration evaluations, and some of the earlier candidate sites may need to be re-visited for more thorough studies.

The objective of the site survey is to find potential construction sites for the EISCAT_3D radar system following the Performance Specification made in Work Package 6:

  • A central transmitting/receiving core, located in Norway, within roughly 100 km of a point at at 69 degrees North and 20.5 degrees East.
  • Two receiving facilities, located at ground distances of 90-120 km roughly south and west of the transmitting facility, respectively.
  • Two receiving facilities, located at ground distances of 220-280 km roughly south and east of the transmitting facility, respectively.
  • The locations that have been surveyed during the Preparatory Phase Project are,

    • Ramfjordmoen, Norway
    • Skibotn, Norway
    • Kautokeino, Norway
    • Karasjokk, Norway
    • Bergfors, Sweden
    • Järämä, Sweden
    • Karesuando, Sweden

    Information about the site selection process can be found in Deliverable 2.2 (Report listing the preferred sites) (note: restricted access), and more details about the site survey in the Site survey report.

    The completion of the site surveys is Milestone 2.2. This Milestone was reached in August 2013.