Milestone 14.2: A list of potential suppliers of the mass-producible components compiled

It was originally planned that the funding model for EISCAT_3D was to be essentially the same as that for the overall EISCAT Scientific Association. This would mean that only cash contributions to the project would be made, to grant both flexibility during the tendering and integration activities and full control over the internal designs of the sub-systems.

However, discussions with the various funding agencies within the EISCAT Scientific Association have necessitated a change to this initial plan. In particular, it has become clear that some of the national contributions to EISCAT_3D will likely need to be handled as in-­kind contributions to the overall system. Given that only a small fraction of the cost of the system is commercial off the shelf hardware, this also implies that the development of any in‐kind contributions will also need substantial EISCAT involvement.

The new approach to organising the funding of the overall system from multiple nations clearly has some implications for both the technical integration and the management of large-scale procurement/production of the hardware.

EISCAT was directed to produce a Cost Book to specify which components are amenable to in-kind contributions and to place a value on those contributions. The Cost Book itself is a confidential document as it contains price goals for the various sub-systems within EISCAT_3D and revealing those price goals publicly would taint the tendering process.

This approach has obsoleted the need for the list of potential suppliers that was originally required. Thus, the corresponding Milestone was not reached within the project.