Milestone 1.2: Technical Advisory Committee established

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is the monitoring body for the technical execution of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase. It consists of a Technical Coordinator, appointed by the Coordinator, up to four members from the consortium members involved in technical development within EISCAT_3D and at least two external members. Except for the Technical Coordinator, the Executive Board is appointing the members to the TAC.

The Technical Coordinator chairs all meetings of the TAC, unless decided otherwise for a specific meeting. There are ordinary meetings at least every six months, and extra meetings when necessary.

The TAC receives and reviews reports every six months from each Work Package leader describing the technical progress of his/her Work Package and the plans for the next six-month period. It reviews and assesses the levels of existing and planned technical coordination between the various Work Packages of the project as well as the levels of existing and planned technical coordination between the various project partners, including their sub-contractors and affiliated entities. It also provides regular feedback to each Work Package leader, assessing the progress of each Work Package, the interactions between the Work Packages and the project participants, and makes recommendations for future actions. Another task of the Technical Advisory Committee is to produce six-monthly reports to the Coordinator and Executive Board on the technical status of the project, including the assessment of overall performance and recommendations for actions over the next six-month period.

EISCAT has chosen

  • Frank Lind (MIT Haystack Observatory, USA)

to function as Technical Coordinator, and since the structure of the Technical Advisor Committee has been established by the Executive Board, this Milestone is reached (February 2011).