Milestone 11.2: Completion of FLIPS development

Task 11.1 of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase deals with parallelisation of the basic inverse problem-solving tools for signal processing and data analysis, to be used with the EISCAT_3D radar system.

Inversion techniques will be at the core of EISCAT_3D computations in signal processing, beam-forming, interferometry and data analysis. The Fortran Linear Inverse Problem Solver (FLIPS) is an open-source software tool, developed by the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems, funded by the Academy of Finland. For the use in EISCAT_3D, it has to be adapted to run on an HPC cluster, making optimum use of multiple processors in a single CPU. It also requires an efficient interface to a standard programming language.

Now the R package RLIPS is ready and usable, satisfying the requirements. The comprehensive documentation will be included in the final report of Work Package 11 (Deliverable 11.2).

This Milestone was reached in October 2012.