Kick Off Meeting for EISCAT3D_PfP

Group photo of the participants at the EISCAT3D_PfP kick-off

The Kick Off meeting for the EISCAT3D_PfP project took place at Space Campus, Kiruna, from 13:00 on 22 October to 11:30 on 23 October. At the meeting the discussions were about the overall project, its connections to other EISCAT activities, and the present status of the technical design of the EISCAT_3D system.

The meeting contained the following presentations, all available for download:

Thursday 22nd October:
EISCAT - EISCAT_3D - EISCAT3D_PfP (Craig Heinselman)
EISCAT3D_PfP Project (Sathyaveer Prasad)
EISCAT & EISCAT_3D Projects - an overview (Ingrid Mann)

Friday 23rd October:
Technical description of EISCAT3D_PfP (Sathyaveer Prasad)
Antenna element (Lennart Lövqvist)
Notes on calibrations (Johan Borg)
RF Front-ends for EISCAT_3D (Johan Borg)
Beamformer, Exciter and Radar Controller (Sathyaveer Prasad)