Executive Board

The Executive Board acts as the supervisory body for the execution of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase. The Executive Board prepares the meetings, proposes decisions and prepares the agenda of the General Assembly, and it seeks a consensus among the members of the consortium. It is responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and it monitors the effective and efficient implementation of EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project.

The members of the EISCAT_3D Executive Board are:

  • Henrik Andersson (EISCAT Scientific Association)
  • Craig Heinselman (EISCAT Scientific Association)
  • Jonny Johansson (Luleå Tekniska Universitet)
  • Unni Pia Løvhaug (Universitetet i Tromsø)
  • Ingrid Mann (EISCAT Scientific Association)
  • Ian McCrea (Science and Technology Facilities Council Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
  • Thomas Ulich (Oulun Yliopisto/Sodankylän Geofysiikan Observatorio)