Deliverable 8.2: Report on the completed design and testing of the antenna elements and the antenna array

Task 8.1 of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project is considering the design and evaluation of antenna elements.

The current version of the performance specification calls for a dual-polarisation antenna that, in an array, shall support transmission over a 5 MHz bandwidth, reception over 30 MHz and steering angles of up to 60 degrees from zenith. The wide steering angle, the modest bandwidth requirements, in combination with requirements on high reliability and mechanical robustness make dipole-based antenna elements attractive for this application. The use of straight or bent dipoles is well established in antenna arrays, examples include the PAVE PAWS and AMISR systems.

This report describes the design method, the resulting antenna and simulation results for this antenna and a reduced array implementation that will be used for verifying the accuracy of the simulated array performance.

EISCAT_3D antenna element

The presented antenna fulfills the requirements on the antenna and the antenna array for the EISCAT_3D system. Using the developed simulation automation tools different trade-offs between parameters can easily be found.