Deliverable 6.1: Initial Performance Specification Document

The Performance Specification Document describes the kind of system that is wanted from the EISCAT_3D project. It consists of three documents:

Concept Document
A document detailing a strategic overview of the EISCAT_3D instrument concept, design, planned performance characteristics, and capabilities.
System Design Document
A detailed design philosophy dpcument that facilitates communication between scientists, engineers and other team members. It defines the level at whish system choices and trade-offs can be made.
Engineering Specification Document
A document containing the specification of engineering requirements for the
EISCAT_3D system.

In this initial version of the PSD only the first document is finished - the other two are only skeletons at this stage. The documents in their present form are compiled into one pdf-file to form Deliverable 6.1.

The PSD will continuously be updated throughout the project.