Deliverable 5.5: Report on the final status of the consortium

Work Package 5 comprises

  • the discussions with existing and potential future partners
  • the clarification of project costs
  • the identification of funding opportunities
  • the completion of consortium building.

Discussions with the present and potential future partners have resulted in a number of groups that are interested joining the project in the near future. The costs for the full EISCAT_3D system were clarified during the Preparatory Phase project and a 4-stage plan to build EISCAT_3D was developed. Stage 1 will already provide world leading measurements capabilities to attract new users and expand the membership. The presently identified funding opportunities are expected to cover stage 1 and possibly stage 2.

The revised EISCAT Blue Book has been prepared and at present is subject to national consultations. It will serve as consortium agreement for EISCAT_3D. The plans and budgets prepared by the Preparatory Phase Project are now handed over to the Research Councils for negotiations on national levels.

This Deliverable is a report on the final status of the activities in this Work Package.