Deliverable 5.1: Software Interface Control Documents

This report discusses key aspects of the Sub-Array Controller (SAC), which performs software control and monitoring for the PfP test sub-array. The report places the SAC software into the context of the planned control system of the full EIESCAT_3D system. The EISCAT_3D radar control system will be comprised of approximately 100 stand-alone, identical SACs, orchestrated in star-like configuration by a top level EISCAT Real-time Operating System (EROS). The E3D EROS is a direct descendent of the EROS that is presently running all other EISCAT radars. The required high time resolution system-wide synchronization to sub-nanosecond accuracy is accomplished via the White Rabbit time-and-frequency system developed at CERN. A key software component of the control system is the EISCAT Shell module (ESH).