Deliverable 4.2: Second report on industry contracts

This is the second report that discusses the progress of industry contracts for the procurement of production-ready designs and hardware of various sub-systems of the test sub-array. This test subarray will be built and tested at the existing EISCAT site in Ramfjordmoen, Norway by the end of EISCAT3D_PfP project in August 2017. This report discusses the progress of the procurement of the following sub-systems:

  • First stage receiver unit (FSRU)
  • Antenna unit (AU)
  • Pulse and steering control unit (PSCU)
  • Time and frequency unit
  • Status and control unit
  • Cables, connectors and containers

Further, this report also includes information about the Transmit unit (solid state power amplifier and power supply units) which are delivered as an in-kind contribution from National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), Japan.

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