Deliverable 2.3: Tendering documents, including standards and necessary supporting documentation

This report includes documents used for the procurement of three of the critical components under the EISCAT3D_PfP project. They have been updated following the experiences gained from the implementation of the Test Subarray. The additional requirements needed to procure these components for the full EISCAT_3D implementation have not been considered.The documents included are:

  • The Enquiry letter. This is the introduction to a tender opportunity. The Enquiry also indicates the expected contractual requirements for the awarded contractor.
  • The Technical Specification for each of the sub-systems identified as critical EISCAT_3D components, updated based on the findings from the project:
    • First Stage Receiver Unit (FSRU)
    • Antenna Unit (AU)
    • Pulse and Steering Control Unit (PSCU)
  • The System and Subsystem Design Description, also updated based on the findings from the project

Each enquiry also includes a Statement of Work, a Contract Data Requirements List and a Requirements Answer template. These three documents have, for this report, been simplified to just show their general structure.