Deliverable 14.3: Final Report on WP14

Work Package 14 was designed to deal with issues involving the integration of the various EISCAT_3D subsystems into an overall working instrument as well as ensuring that those subsystems are both reliably producible in large quantities and robust in terms of the environment into which they are to be placed. In many cases, the boundaries between subsystems were defined under WP14 and, to some extent, the interfaces specified. This work package was, furthermore, specifically scheduled to start near the middle of the preparatory phase project, after many of the key decisions had been finalized for the component parts of the system.

Progress on this work package was significantly impacted by the preparatory phase project restructuring that occurred in late 2012. This restructuring was partly responsible for delays in many of the other work package conclusions. Additionally, the initially intended funding model for EISCAT_3D required modification to address several conditions imposed by the EISCAT member countries that are intending to make major investments in the realization of the system. Nevertheless, WP14 was able to make significant progress in several key areas.

This deliverable is the final report on the activities in WP14.