Deliverable 11.2: Comprehensive report, describing and justifying the choice of the selected hardware and software

The purpose of Work Package 11 is to develop the software modules that are required for the data processing and analysis tasks of the EISCAT_3D radar system. The development of new data algorithms and software is needed because of the complexity of a distributed phased-array incoherent radar system compared to earlier systems.

The Work Package consisted of five tasks

Task 11.1
Parallelisation of the basic inverse problem-solving tools for signal processing and data analysis for use in the EISCAT_3D radar system.
Task 11.2
Production of software for the signal processing and beam-forming systems, which is done with tight connections to WP7 (Digital Signal Processing).
Development of multi-purpose codes to allow the EISCAT_3D system to be used in an optimised fashion.
Task 11.4
Development of data analysis software to to be applicable to multibeam measurements and imaging applications, and to allow for some new experimental methods that the new system will allow.
Task 11.5
Integration of EISCAT_3D hardware and software

In the report we give a summary of the work done. The actual theory behind the software and the documentation of their implementation is given as Appendices, a list of which is given at the end of this document.