RfQ: Manufacturing Consulting

EISCAT Scientific Association is pleased to issue this request for quotation (RfQ) from manufacturing consulting firms. This RfQ is in support of the European Commission-funded EISCAT_3D Preparation for Production (EISCAT3D_PfP) project, which held its kick-off meeting on 22-23 October 2015. The project covers the system engineering effort for finalization and procurement of production-ready designs, culminating in implementation of a test sub-array in Ramfjordmoen, near Tromsø, Norway.

The timetable in this RfQ is based on the assumption that the work will start in the beginning of January 2016 and, hence, the RfQ must be submitted to EISCAT Scientific Association on or before 2015-12-10.

We look forward to working with the successful consulting firm through the EISCAT3D_PfP project with possible extensions into the implementation phase of EISCAT_3D.

See the attached document (below) for details.

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EISCAT3D_PfP Newsletter: November 2015

Cover - EISCAT3D_PfP Newsletter November 2015

The first issue of the EISCAT3D_PfP Newsletter has been released. The newsletter will be released quarterly to present the progress of the project progression and will contain up-to-date information about the project.

To access the newsletter either click on the image above, on these words, or the attachment link below.

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EISCAT3D_PfP tenders

The EISCAT_3D project is about to enter its implementation phase and, in preparation for that transition, EISCAT Scientific Association is conducting the EISCAT3D_PfP project. That project is funded by European Commission under the H2020-Infradev 3 call.

During the EISCAT3D_PfP project a number of requests for quotations will be made. They are collected at the main EISCAT site:

The links below exists for historical reasons, but they do not represent the present set of tenders.

Kick Off Meeting for EISCAT3D_PfP

Group photo of the participants at the EISCAT3D_PfP kick-off

The Kick Off meeting for the EISCAT3D_PfP project took place at Space Campus, Kiruna, from 13:00 on 22 October to 11:30 on 23 October. At the meeting the discussions were about the overall project, its connections to other EISCAT activities, and the present status of the technical design of the EISCAT_3D system.

The meeting contained the following presentations, all available for download:

Thursday 22nd October:
EISCAT - EISCAT_3D - EISCAT3D_PfP (Craig Heinselman)
EISCAT3D_PfP Project (Sathyaveer Prasad)
EISCAT & EISCAT_3D Projects - an overview (Ingrid Mann)

Friday 23rd October:
Technical description of EISCAT3D_PfP (Sathyaveer Prasad)
Antenna element (Lennart Lövqvist)
Notes on calibrations (Johan Borg)
RF Front-ends for EISCAT_3D (Johan Borg)
Beamformer, Exciter and Radar Controller (Sathyaveer Prasad)

WP6: Test Subarray integration and compatibility verification

Work Package 6 will utilize the hardware produced by Work Package 4 and the software produced by Work Package 5 to ensure that the various subsystems are fully compatible and interoperable. Particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring that the subsystems work together as a radar system (at the sub-array level), that they do not interfere with one another (through radio frequency interference, RFI), and that the sub-array can be electronically focused properly.

A site for testing the Test Subarray will be prepared at EISCAT's Ramfjordmoen facility near Tromsø, Norway. That location has available power, a license to transmit in the EISCAT_3D frequency band, EISCAT staff to support in the preparation and testing, and access to other scientific instrumentation to be used in testing.

Activities in this work package include:

  • Site preparation
  • Test Subarray assembly
  • Operational testing
  • Calibration evaluation
  • Radar testing
PDF icon Description of Work: WP62.84 MB

WP5: Engineering-level software

Work Package 5 will develop the low-level software necessary to power on and test the Test Subarray. This includes software for the radar controller and exciter, and for the sub-array beam former. The software architecture must, however, also eventually support the operation of the entire EISCAT_3D system when additional layers are added. As a result, the engineering-level software must be designed to be both scalable and distributed. Similarly, the software interfaces and the specific programming languages must be chosen with long-term support and maintenance in mind.

Portions of the software will be provided by hardware subsystem vendors, so, in addition to actual programming, this work package will also develop interfaces to those hardware components. To some extent, the software interface development will need to be done jointly with manufacturers and this work package will perform that task.

PDF icon Description of Work: WP52.84 MB